My name is Alexa. I’m making this website for a class but I also really am learning archery. I’m excited that my assignments are allowing me to learn how to make this website and I’m excited to document my archery progress and use the sport as a tool to demonstrate what I am learning.

I have always been very interested in learning how to shoot a bow. Two summers ago I went to an auction with my grandpa when I was visiting his farm and I purchased a small recurve bow for $3. I tried to draw it and it snapped in half. I glued it back together but then when I drew it again, the string unravelled. It is still out of commission and it is currently a decorative item on my wall.

I finally began shooting a bow for a P.E. class at my school. That’s where I first began learning to shoot. I shot a 25 lb recurve bow. We shot in the gym and it was awesome.

After that class ended, I got a bow for Christmas. I finally was able to shoot it about three months later when I joined a range near my house. It is a gun and archery range and I am the first (and I think only) archery only member! It’s awesome. I get to shoot outside and I typically have the range to myself.